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THE CAFE IS CLOSED!!! Until at least mid-May due to a septic field failure. Check our FIND US page for grocery stores and cafes that supply our coffee. Or hop over to our SHOP page and order beans direct.

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Rad & Tagg Leatherworks

Leather mugs.jpeg
Leather mugs.jpeg

Rad & Tagg Leatherworks


Hand-carved, vegetable-tanned leather mason jar wrap on a 12oz glass mason jar with a Cuppow coffee sipper lid.

-this set is great for hot drinks and cold ones too!

-leather wrap fits snug, but can be slid off so you can pop the glass jar and lid in the dishwasher

-hand stitched using Ritza Tiger Thread - an extremely strong braided polyester

-all edges are rounded and then burnished to give a finished look and help resist staining

-the mason jar can be replaced if broken

-vegetable tanning is an old-world artisanal process that uses natural tannins found in bark, leaves, and roots. This is the most environmentally responsible process of tanning leather

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