Galileo Coffee Company

We are officially ending our operations at Britannia Beach. We will be moving the roastery to Squamish on October 30th. Please see our contact and social media for details.

Truth in Coffee


Tips for extracting the Truth from our coffee.


Freshness and Storage

Rule of thumb, only purchase the amount of coffee you will use in a week’s worth of consumption. Freshness is key. Store your Galileo Coffee in the bag or air tight container. A cool, dark place is ideal. No fridges or freezers, they have odors and moisture the beans like to absorb.


Make sure you are matching your grind with your brewing system. Different systems call for different sizes. If possible wait to grind the beans until right before you brew. We recommend burr grinders.

Remember these are suggested brewing and storing techniques. There are great suggestions and resources out on the web. We encourage you to explore them.



What you need: 

Aeropress, aeropress paper/metal filter, grinder, scale, timer, filtered water, stirring device, mug or decanter, Galileo Coffee

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  1. Place Aeropress and mug on scale, zero out, bring water to 200-205 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  2. Weigh out 18-20 grams of whole bean, grind fine to espresso or to your preferred extraction.
  3. When water is ready, start timer, quickly pour water on top of ground beans inside Aeropress until you reach 250g of water (near top), stir.
  4. Place plunger on top to create a seal. Allow beans to brew for 30 seconds.
  5. Press plunger down, consistent pressure for 20-25 seconds, till hiss begins. Stop pressing as this point. Pour.
  6. Clean equipment and air dry.

French Press

What you need:

French Press/Press Pot, grinder, stirring device, timer, mugs

  1. Heat water to 200-205 Fahrenheit
  2. Grind coffee—25grams per 20 ounce press to coarse grind (bread crumbs)
  3. Preheat press and mugs with hot water, discard
  4. Place coffee in press, start timer, pour to saturation, stir, continue to desired volume
  5. Add plunger to top to keep in heat, allow press to brew for 4-6 minutes (depends on preference), slowly plunge, pour all brewed coffee into desired vessel. Note: beans will continue to brew in press and will become bitter, we suggest you pour immediately after the plunge.
  6. Clean your equipment, air dry.

V60 Pour Over

What you need:

V60, V60 paper/metal filter, burr grinder, scale, timer, filtered water, mug/decanter

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  1. Place V60, filter and mug on scale. Warm the V60, filter and mug with hot water, discard water
  2. Weigh out 25g of coffee and grind to fine cone, place filter in V60, zero out scale
  3. Bring water to 200-205 Fahrenheit, start timer, pour 25-30 g of water of over grounds to encourage bloom.
  4. Now pour 100g of water into center of grounds, lightly stir. Pour another 100g of water, do not exceed bean line. Pour another 70g of water. Never exceed the coffee line. Total water 270g. Allow the vessel to drip thru filter. Enjoy once all water has processed about 3-4.5 minutes.
  5. Clean equipment, air dry.

Standard Drip Brewing

What you need:

Drip machine (high temp recommended), non bleach filters, burr grinder, scale, measuring cup, mug, Galileo Coffee

  1. Pre rinse paper filter with hot water
  2. Grind beans to basket type, 60g to every 1 liter of water
  3. Pour desired amount of water into brewer
  4. Follow machine’s brewing instructions
  5. Clean equipment